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July 20, 2008

Half-Way Notes

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Hello, friends! Time is running out so fast, I didn’t noticed how half summer passed away! There’s many objectives accomplished, but even more lay further. Many things have changed, lots of impressions have been made, and we’ve become little more mature. Let me tell you few issues important to me. (more…)

June 30, 2008

here I am, back again…

Ну, вот и прошел целый год… Даже не верится… А я, сама с трудом это осознавая, снова в Henson Scout Reservation – месте, где я замечательно провела прошлое лето и с которым тогда прощалась навсегда… Но не тут-то было! Совершенно невероятным образом выпускникам разрешили участвовать в программе CampAmerica и более того, всем дали визы!  (more…)

June 28, 2008

Ну что, готовы к следующему незабываемому лету с Camp America?

Я? Да!!!
Ожидание в Шереметьевоp6130018.JPGВся поездка началась, конечно же в Москве!!! Это уже было другое чувство, я бы даже сказала больше воспоминание и сравнение! Разница, конечно же, была! Нам предстояло такое длинное путешествие!!! 12 часов в Милане, которые в итоге превратились в 14! Теперь я понимаю тех бизнесменов, которые смотрят на путешествующих студентов и удивляются, почему они так радуются! Столько часов уже не в удовольствие!! ))))
Когда мы прилетели в Милан, то там была ночь и в аэропорту никого не было, все было закрыто, предстояла долгая ночь! А мне, как назло, не спалось, и я, как радио, всю ночь рассказывала про прошлый год! )))


June 20, 2008

Fitting in

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kidsAll the things have changed dramatically since kids arrived. You know, there is big difference between HWH, my current camp, and HSR, where I’ve spent last summer. In HSR boy scouts stayed for 1 week with adult leaders, and here kids stay usually for 4 weeks and without any adults! After a week spent with those younglings I can tell you about some my first impressions. (more…)

June 12, 2008

Dreams becoming true

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Today was just an awesome day. We were surprized a lot!

The first, now we have normal rooms! There’s electricity! They’re protected from wind! It’s normal clean bathroom just next to room! And there’s enough room to place our belongings! We’re still can’t believe we’re that lucky! (more…)

Traverse City – Cherry capital

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Hi, everybody. Yesterday was my second evening off. I couldn’t think up anything better than to go straight towards main amusement, shopping, cultural center and, furthermore, largest town in this area – Traverse City.
What is Traverse City famous for? (more…)

June 10, 2008

Amused waiting

So I’m arrived to camp. As you know, I was in a camp before. That’s why I’ve started to compare them from the most beginning. The first thing I was surprised about is Dave, director, who forbid me to start working in the kitchen to get some rest. But I didn’t give up that easily. I’ve started to getting know all the staff who already arrived to camp. It happened that Kevin, midland Michigan, arrived the same time as me, so it was easy. (more…)

June 7, 2008

Flight over-experience

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To begin with, I never thought myself to be able to idle for just half an hour. The things have gone really crazy this year.
First of all, I had to wake up at 6am and board train to Moscow at 7am in order to get tickets, while my flight was scheduled at 10pm. So in order to waste some time I’ve explored new subway stations: Sretenskiy bulvar & Trubnaya, – and visited familiar places I’ve not been to for 10 years. They actually look pretty close to what I kept in mind so I can understand why NYC hasn’t changed much for 20 years or so. (more…)

June 6, 2008

Hello again, World

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Welcome to the USA!Long time no see, World! Another summer has just began, and many students already rushed towards new adventures after passing their exams. Everyone wants this summer to be the most exciting, eventful and rememberable one. For this purpose, people seek after places widely known for its outstanding amusing and money earning opportunities. And very frequently they choose the only remaining superpower – USA, since it fits these requirements perfectly. So do I.
Why CampAmerica? Just because of undoubtable advantages: it’s extremely fun & safe!!
Let’s rock this summer up!

April 24, 2008


Сегодня получила визу. Ура!!!

Значит наша команда в полном составе. Я последняя “из наших”, кому назначено сегодня в посольстве. Но все волнения позади. Встречаемся в Лагере :)

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